What Do Technology Jobs Pay? The 2023 Industry Salary Guide

CareerFoundry Marketing Content Editor Jaye Hannah

If you’re considering a career in tech, we’re here to tell you there’s never been a better time.

Despite the unpredictable economic climate, tech companies of every size are actively seeking new talent to help drive innovation. The barrier to entry has also been lowered through virtual hiring practices, allowing talented tech hopefuls to get their foot on the ladder quickly. 

That’s all well and good, but what do technology jobs pay?

Like any career change, you’ll want to know you can support yourself financially (and then some) in your new role. While your take-home will vary depending on your role, location, and experience level, tech salaries overall are currently at a record high

In Hired’s 2022 State of Tech Salaries report, remote tech salaries outperform local salaries in most markets. Moreover, half of all surveyed respondents expect a salary increase in 2023. 

This article will provide a snapshot of what seven popular technology jobs pay based on salary data from Glassdoor and Payscale. We’ll look at average salaries in ten different tech hubs around the world, with a quick look at what you can expect to earn based on your experience level. 

  1. UX designer
  2. UI designer
  3. Web developer
  4. Product manager
  5. Data analyst
  6. Software engineer
  7. Digital marketing specialist

Ready? Let’s go!

What do technology jobs pay?

1. UX designer 

UX designers create usable and engaging digital experiences that meet user needs. They’ll advocate for users at every step of the product design process, from research to visual design. 

With excellent user experience becoming more of a business imperative rather than a “nice to have”, businesses are clamoring for talented UX designers who can help them exceed user expectations. As a result, UX designers are among the best-paid professionals in tech—a trend set to continue. According to UX planet, UX design salaries rose by a whopping 8.1% in 2022

Let’s take a look at UX design salaries in 2023

UX designer salaries across the world

Naturally, your salary will evolve depending on your seniority level. Here’s a snapshot of a UX design salary progression based on salary data from the United States. 

Entry-level UX designer: US$67,408

Mid-level UX designer: US$110,392

Senior UX designer: US$135,381

Average UX designer salaries across the world

Canada: CA$80,720 (US$107,469)

UK: £51,716 (US$63,746)

Germany: €49,668 (US$54,109)

France: €39,326 (US$42,842)

Ireland: €42,856 (US$46,688)

Spain: €30,044 (US$32,730)

Australia: A$81,118 (US$57,479)

India: ₹500,000 (US$61,13)

South Africa: ZAR 321,588 (US$18,671)

Dubai: AED 204,000 (US$55,538)

2. UI designer

UI Designers are the creative masterminds behind some of the internet’s most beautiful apps and websites. They carefully craft digital interfaces, ensuring users can easily navigate each page while communicating the brand values through design.  

As of 2023, there are roughly 200 million active websites—with new sites and apps launching daily. All those websites need a visual identity, so it shouldn’t be any wonder that talented UI designers are highly sought-after. But does the high demand translate into high pay? 

Let’s check out the earning potential for UI designers in 2023

UI salaries based on experience

Here’s a look at UI design salaries based on experience using salary data from the United States. 

Entry-level UI designer: US$67,408

Mid-level UI designer: US$98,795

Senior UI designer: US$102,972

Average UI designer salaries across the world

Canada: CA$80,720 (US$60,607)

UK: £53,303 (US$65,702)

Germany: €51,976 (US$56,623)

France: €41,831 (US$45,571)

Ireland: €40,000 (US$43,577)

Spain: €32,000 (US$34,861)

Australia: A$96,800 (US$68,591)

India: ₹700,000 (US$8,559)

South Africa: ZAR 300,000 (US$17,418)

Dubai: AED 144,000 (US$39,203)

3. Web developer 

Web developers are integral to any tech team, as they’re responsible for building and maintaining the websites we know and love. 

They’ll take the prototypes created on the design side and bring them to life, using coding languages like HTML and CSS to embellish the site with functionality. 

Web development is an enriching (and lucrative) field with a low barrier to entry—making it an increasingly popular choice for career changers.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, web development is set to grow 23% between now and 2031, which is much faster than most other occupations.   

Let’s explore exactly what you could earn as a web developer in 2023

Web developer salaries based on experience

Here’s a quick snapshot of average US web developer salaries, from entry-level to senior. 

Entry-level web developer: US$53,586

Mid-level web developer: US$73,534 

Senior web developer: US$106,934 

Average web developer salaries across the world

Canada: CA$63,704 (US$47,831)

UK: £35,596 (US$43,876)

Germany: €52,000 (US$56,649)

France: €39,437 (US$42,963)

Ireland: €42,466 (US$46,263)

Spain: €24,000 (US$26,146)

Australia: A$80,000 (US$56,686)

India: ₹264,000 (US$3,228)

South Africa: ZAR 239,676 (US$13,915)

Dubai: AED 72,000 (US$19,601)

A web developer and ui designer comparing "what do technology jobs pay?"

4. Product manager 

Product managers oversee and influence the entire lifecycle of a product: From ideation to budgets, development to release—even maintenance, monitoring, and optimization post-launch. This is a highly collaborative position that requires razor-sharp project management skills. 

Product managers have become increasingly important, especially among tech startups and scale-ups. Companies need these specialists to help test and develop products and contribute directly to the overall business strategy. 

Let’s look at average product manager salaries across the world

Product manager salaries based on experience

Here’s what you can expect to earn as a product manager in the US, from entry-level to senior.

Entry-level product manager: US$73,829

Mid-level product manager: US$117,511

Senior product manager: US$152,979

Average product manager salaries across the world

Canada: CA$93,425 (US$70,146)

UK: £56,920 (US$70,161)

Germany: €67,000 (US$72,991)

France: €45,000 (US$49,023)

Ireland: €65,000 (US$70,812)

Spain: €40,000 (US$43,576)

Australia: A$120,000 (US$85,030)

India: ₹2M (US$24,455)

South Africa: ZAR 465,624 (US$27,034)

Dubai: AED 240,000 (US$65,339)

5. Software engineer

If you’ve been searching “what do technology jobs pay?” software engineering, one of the most rewarding career paths out there, has probably come up a few times. As a software engineer, you’d write code for complex computer programs, systems, and applications.

The challenge of developing innovative solutions to complex problems makes it an exciting occupation—with an excellent salary to boot.  

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With the world becoming increasingly reliant on software and digital solutions, software engineering is also one of the fastest-growing tech occupations. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects software engineering to grow by 26% over the next ten years, which is roughly 371,000 jobs. 

So what does this booming demand mean for software engineering salaries? Let’s find out. 

Software engineer salaries based on experience

Here’s a quick look at average software engineering salaries in the US based on seniority level. 

Entry-level software engineer: US$67,242 

Mid-level software engineer: US$101,584

Senior software engineer: US$122,424

Average software engineer salaries across the world

Canada: CA$90,910 (US$68,258)

UK: £49,136 (US$60,566)

Germany: €60,866 (US$66,306)

France: €44,500 (US$48,477)

Ireland: €56,500 (US$61,550)

Spain: €32,000 (US$34,860)

Australia: A$105,500 (US$74,586)

India: ₹700,000 (US$8,558)

South Africa: ZAR 420,000 (US$24,352)

Dubai: AED 120,000 (US$32,669)

6. Data analyst 

Data analysts collect data from various sources, which they analyze in depth to discover trends or correlations. Think of them like the detectives of the tech world, using data to draw logical conclusions about a company’s performance. 

A growing number of companies across tech (and beyond) are investing in data analytics to maximize their competitive advantage. From Fortune 500s to seed-stage startups, there’s no shortage of work for data analysts. These roles often come with sizable paychecks, making the idea of pursuing a career in data all the more appealing. 

Let’s take a look at the average take-home for data analysts around the world

Data analyst salaries based on experience 

Here’s what data analysts are earning on average in the US, based on experience. 

Entry-level data analyst: US$56,457 

Mid-level data analyst: US$72,303

Senior data analyst: US$100,880

Average data analyst salaries across the world

Canada: CA$64,975 (US$48,785)

UK: £35,335 (US$43,555)

Germany: €53,000 (US$57,739)

France: €43,000 (US$46,845)

Ireland: €41,745 (US$45,477)

Spain: €30,000 (US$32,682)

Australia: A$91,000 (US$64,481)

India: ₹550,000 (US$6,725)

South Africa: ZAR 324,000 (US$18,811)

Dubai: AED 96,000 (US$26,135)

7. Digital marketing specialist 

Digital marketing specialists help businesses grow by targeting and converting audiences through engaging campaigns. These experts also have their fingers on the pulse when analyzing web metrics and optimizing websites for organic search. 

Companies worldwide are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of communicating with their customers through digital channels and are willing to dedicate more resources to it. 

This means there’s a high demand for qualified digital marketing specialists—and as for the remuneration, you can certainly make a healthy living out of a digital marketing career. 

Let’s take a closer look at digital marketing salaries around the world.

Digital marketing specialist salaries based on experience

How do digital marketing specialist salaries differ based on seniority level? Let’s take a look. 

Entry-level digital marketing specialist: US$78,887

Mid-level digital marketing specialist: US$91,909

Senior digital marketing specialist: US$120,537

Digital marketing specialist salaries across the world

Canada: CA$62,534 (US$46,953)

UK: £48,749 (US$60,089)

Germany: €55,000 (US$59,918)

France: €40,017 (US$43,595)

Ireland: €37,727 (US$41,100)

Spain: €27,975 (US$30,476)

Australia: A$78,000 (US$55,269)

India: ₹360,000 (US$4,401)

South Africa: ZAR 338,124 (US$19,631)

Dubai: AED 72,000 (US$19,601) 


So there you have it: An quick-fire answer to “what do technology jobs pay?” If you’re considering pursuing a career in tech, we hope this guide gave you an idea of what to expect in terms of salary. With a better grasp of how much different tech roles pay on average, you can make an informed decision about which path to pursue. 

It’s important to note that average tech salaries vary widely depending on location and don’t factor in specific nuances. For example, your salary might be higher in a major city than in a smaller town. If you’re curious about how much technology jobs pay in your local area, we recommend doing your own research on Glassdoor and Payscale

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